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My new CD/songbook, Scripture Songs for Children's Church, is designed to provide the element of praise as well as enjoyable ease as you and your children absorb the truth of Godís Holy Word. In most of the songs, the "chapter and verse" are incorporated right into the song as a memory aid. Various versions and texts are used (including research in the Greek) to maintain the integrity of Godís intended word as it is set to a variety of delightful musical styles that engage all ages of listeners (even teens!).

Recorded at 12 Oaks Studios by some of the best musicians in Atlanta, these affordable ($15.00 ea. plus S&H) are highly recommended by 1000s of parents (see Good Reviews) who constantly exclaim their joy in watching their children soak up scripture. They also are thrilled that they themselves are learning scripture verses at a rapid pace along with the rest of the family at home and especially in the car!

Please ask about discounts on multiple orders. It would be great for every family to have one.

Your purchase of this exceptional learning tool also makes you part of an ongoing ministry. All proceeds from the sales of these folios are used to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

You may also desire to invest in Pendletonís outreach concerts throughout the U.S. and abroad. You may accomplish this by making a donation along with your CD/Songbook order, or by booking Pendleton to do a fantastic concert in your area.

Some of my songs are available on iTunes as well. Just search for Pendleton Brown on iTunes or click here Pendleton Brown on iTunes.
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